Вся власть кланам Attribution+  — Все, что нужно знать рано утром 21 июня ... Настоящее Время 11 min
Tunisie: une violente rixe entre migrants fait plusieurs blessés graves à Zarzis Attribution+  —  En Tunisie, une violente rixe entre migrants a fait plusieurs blessés graves à Zarzis dans le sud du pays ce mercredi 19 juin. Après plusieurs heures de confusion, des premiers éléments de contexte émergent. Ces violences se multiplient alors que Tunis a renforcé sa surveillance des frontières ces derniers mois et que la saison des départs, comme on l’appelle, débute.  ... Radio France Internationale 14 min
ArtSEA: The downtown Seattle art collection hiding in plain sight Attribution+  — Today marks the one-year anniversary of a downtown Seattle office lobby renovation — which sounds like no big whoop, except that this lobby is packed with Northwest art. “It’s kind of under the radar,” curator Sallyann Corn told me over the phone after I recently visited and was wowed by the range of works. “It’s like a secret collection no one knows about yet.”  Corn is co-founder of fruitsuper, the Seattle design studio (and gallery/wine bar/home decor store) that was brought in by the US Bank Center to design a wall of art for the company’s totally revamped public lobby. The three-story, certified-LEED Gold space is now called Cedar Hall and features works by more than 30 artists, most local. Longtime Seattleites may remember the building as the former home of FAO Schwarz, which featured a 15-foot-tall, 5,000-pound bronze teddy bear positioned in front of the Sixth Avenue and Pike Street entrance from 1995-2004.  I never shopped at the toy store but I remember seeing movies at the Loews Cineplex in the same complex, a curious mix of stores formerly called City Centre. Until 2019, the popular post-work, pre-performance joint Palomino was housed on the third floor, and for a time the Toss’d salad stall in the first-floor atrium was my go-to lunch spot, despite its regrettable name. Now the lobby is a rich blend of textures and tiles courtesy of local SkB Architects, who with furniture-sourcing studio objekts have turned the space into a welcoming wash of Northwest greens where visitors are encouraged to work, hang out and take in the impressive USBC public art collection. “Artifact Series #14: Offering” (1989) by glass artist William Morris is one of the large-scale pieces on view in the Cedar Hall public facility. (USBC) Fruitsuper was responsible for one large wall next to the escalators, a grouping of 23 artworks called All Along. “The pitch was a family portrait wall at home, going up the stairs from baby to high school to marriage,” Corn explained. But instead of a literal timeline of local art, “I saw it as a past/present/future of Pacific Northwest creatives,” she said, “with artists in different stages of their careers.” Included in All Along’s lively mix is a quilt from Joey Veltkamp’s ferry series, a glass sculpture by Fumi Amano and a deconstructed canvas by Ko Kirk Yamahira. See also Dan Friday’s bulbous “Watcher Totem,” which presented a new challenge for the Lummi glass artist, who rarely does wall-mounted work.  Another challenge Corn noted: “The grab zone,” she said, laughing. “The 3D pieces had to be mounted in such a way that people can’t reach out and touch them.”  I did not attempt to touch the art, however I was the nutty person taking repeat trips up and down the escalator to see all the pieces. But no one seemed to mind. The building is still seeking retail and office tenants, so for the moment you can pretend the whole chic setting is your own expertly designed workspace. When I was there just a few people were using the many public seating areas — one person on a laptop under RYAN! Feddersen’s lovely 2023 triptych Biologic Ethos, a graphic take on native plant species; and a small cluster of folks eating Jimmy John’s sandwiches near a 12-foot by 17-foot installation by Dale Chihuly. A couple of the Cedar Hall pieces were commissioned for USBC’s original opening collection in 1989 (then curated by Margery Aronson), including the Chihuly and a massive sculpture by another superstar of glass, William Morris. The latter, “Artifact Series #14: Offering,” resembles the rib cage of a giant creature with a human skeleton inside it. It’s (so far) the only piece on the third floor and definitely worth heading up to see it shine. The rest of the works on view were curated by Cortney Lederer of CNL Projects in Chicago, and include some locally made stunners: John Grade’s “Coming Soon: Swell,” an enormous hanging version of microscopic marine organisms; several glowing cut-paper works by Barbara Earl Thomas; large abstract pieces by Moses Sun and Etsuko Ichikawa — the list goes on! The new Seattle Convention Center has a killer array of local art too, but you can only see it if you're attending a convention. So I left Cedar Hall feeling excited about this approach to making art accessible, and eager to share this under-the-radar art collection with summer visitors. Seattle Rep (seen here) and Seattle Children's Theatre are banding together to cut costs in a difficult arts economy. (Seattle Repertory Theatre) Arts news nuggets Speaking of places for showcasing art … This season has seen a lot of news about local venues struggling. As the fiscal year comes to an end (and the last of the COVID funding fizzles out), Seattle arts spaces are taking various approaches on moving forward.  Back in my Memorial Day Weekend newsletter I shared an update on urgent financial concerns at Taproot Theatre, Hugo House and Bellevue Arts Museum. Now we hear that cinema gem Scarecrow Video needs to raise $1.8 million and fast; and longstanding music club Cafe Racer is closing (but hopes to reinvent itself, yet again!). Meanwhile, theater venues are getting creative: Seattle Rep and Seattle Children’s Theatre announced this week that the two organizations will combine cost-cutting forces by sharing box office and administrative services. In a similar vein, ACT Theatre and Seattle Shakespeare are in talks to merge the two theater companies (with Seattle Shakespeare moving performances to ACT’s Eagles Auditorium). Stay tuned. And in great news: The sleek new Field Hall events space is up and running in Port Angeles, with a packed arts schedule to consider for your summer road trips. And the City of Seattle is opening a new filmmaking hub at Seattle Center. Called the M5 Creative Building, it’s available for short-term rental by film production crews and for related meetings, events and workshops. (Perhaps I can show you around — it’s the former KCTS/Crosscut building!) Reminder: Black Arts Legacies: Season 3 is rounding the corner with just a couple more reveals from year’s group of creatives who’ve made a meaningful impact on the Seattle arts scene. Missed this week’s reveal? Watch and read our profile of glassblower Debora Moore — one of very few Black women working in glass — whose exquisite botanicals are uncannily lifelike. Sign up for the Black Arts Legacies newsletter to be among the first to discover each new artist in this year’s cohort. Topics: Arts, ArtSEA, Features, Things to do ... Crosscut 20 min
Ҳужжатли фильм: Суви камайиб қолган дарёлар, қуриб ётган далалар Attribution+  — Қирғизистон, Тожикистон ва Ўзбекистон чегаралари кесишадиган Фарғона водийсида сув нафақат экологик, иқтисодий ёки ижтимоий, балки геосиёсий муаммо ҳамдир. Водийдаги аксар дарёлар учала мамлакат ҳудудидан ҳам ўтади, натижада сувдан фойдаланиш ва уни тақсимлаш масаласи баҳсларга сабаб бўлади. ... Озод Европа/Озодлик радиоси 23 min
Segunda emissão de títulos verdes rende US$ 2 bi com taxas menores Attribution+  —  A segunda emissão de títulos públicos sustentáveis no mercado internacional, realizada nesta quinta-feira (20), rendeu US$ 2 bilhões (cerca de R$ 10 bilhões), informou há pouco o Tesouro Nacional. O valor confirmou as estimativas mais recentes apresentadas pelo órgão. Os papéis pagarão taxa de retorno (juros) de 6,375% ao ano. Isso significa que o governo brasileiro pagará os US$ 2 bilhões levantados na Bolsa de Nova York com correção de 6,375% ao ano no vencimento dos papéis. Na primeira emissão, realizada em novembro do ano passado, os investidores pediram taxas de 6,5% ao ano. Notícias relacionadas:Novos títulos verdes financiarão economia circular e saneamento.Meio ambiente receberá até 60% dos recursos de títulos verdes.O spread, diferença entre a taxa dos papéis brasileiros e os títulos do Tesouro norte-americano, considerados os papéis mais seguros do mundo ficou em 212,8 pontos-base. Isso equivale a 2,128 pontos percentuais acima dos papéis dos Estados Unidos. Tanto a taxa de juros como o spread funcionam como uma medida da confiança dos investidores em relação ao Brasil. Quanto mais baixos, maior a confiança nos papéis brasileiros no exterior. Na primeira emissão, o spread tinha ficado em 181,9 pontos, o que reflete o endurecimento das condições no mercado financeiro internacional nos últimos meses. A demanda superou a oferta. Segundo o Tesouro Nacional, os pedidos totalizaram US$ 4,7 bilhões. Houve expressiva participação de investidores estrangeiros, com 77% dos compradores da Europa e da América do Norte. A América Latina, incluindo o Brasil, respondeu por 14% das compras. Investimento sustentável Papéis federais lançados no exterior, os títulos verdes são vinculados a compromissos com o meio ambiente. Em vez de receber meros juros financeiros, investidores estrangeiros receberiam os rendimentos de um projeto sustentável, que ficarão em 6,375% ao ano para os compradores dos títulos. Em maio, o Tesouro tinha anunciado que os recursos levantados com a segunda emissão no mercado externo financiariam principalmente projetos de saneamento e de economia circular. Na primeira emissão, em novembro, a prioridade tinha sido dada a projetos de transporte limpos (20% a 25%) e de energia renovável (15% a 20%), no meio ambiente. Os títulos verdes são um dos pilares do Plano de Transformação Ecológica, anunciado pelo Brasil na 28ª Conferência das Nações Unidas sobre Mudanças Climáticas de 2023 (COP28), realizada em Dubai em dezembro. Parte dos recursos das emissões irão para o Fundo Nacional sobre Mudança do Clima, relançado em agosto do ano passado. ... Agencia Brasil 34 min
State budget amendments appear unlikely before Labor Day Attribution+  —  (The Center Square) – Adjustments to the state budget at the midpoint of its two-year life, as often happens, appear to be a longshot this year for North Carolina lawmakers. Three-fifths majorities of Republicans are in each chamber, and they’ll need to either craft separate legislation or come together on very different plans to push $487 million toward school choice. Without it, it'll only be about $100 million as planned and the waiting list of some 55,000 students will not go away as lawmakers have intended. That’s one thing the Senate and House of Representatives agreed on in spending plans for 2024-25 of $31.4 billion and $31.7 billion, respectively. And it is the one thing on Thursday drawing a social media remark by Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper. He wrote, “Republican legislators have proposed two terrible budgets that steal billions in taxpayer money from public schools and child care to pay for private school vouchers millionaires will use. As we’ve seen in other states, this damages our budget, economy and workforce.” For context, Cooper has made multiple overseas visits and courted several companies on his green agenda waiving taxpayer dollars at them to come to the state. For example, Toyota – with $311 billion in net revenue in the 12 months ending March 31 – is building a $13.9 billion plant in Liberty with the state providing up to $315 million in tax benefits over 39 years, plus $185 million in site development funds. In another deal last month not involving a foreign company in the energy industry, California-headquartered Ross with $20.4 billion in 2023 revenue was lured to Randolph County with $7.6 million in taxpayer-funded subsidies. Economists question the effectiveness of publicly funded financial incentives to private businesses to expand or come to a new state. The two GOP chamber leaders have talked with pride about those deals, too. Headed to Friday, the House’s budget adjustment bill has been approved by the full chamber. The second of two votes needed came Thursday. The Senate’s spending plan went through the Appropriations Committee on Thursday and is likely to get a full floor vote Monday night. House Speaker Tim Moore, R-Cleveland, and Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger, R-Rockingham, each talked to reporters at the end of the day. Both expressed optimism their chamber would do well if and when there is negotiation, but seemed resigned to a summer without a deal. With some lawmakers already signaling personal plans after the Fourth of July, and based on conversations by Moore and Berger on Thursday, a deal before Labor Day – if ever – doesn't look promising. State law dictates anytime a budget is not agreed upon by the two chambers and governor, the last plan – this one is $60.7 billion over the two years – remains in place. The two-year budget agreed to on Sept. 22 will begin its second year on July 1 unless there are adjustments. Berger said senators are ready to go into the new fiscal year as is, saying the House has yet to be serious. Moore said his chamber had no plans to even hear the Senate bill. In addition to Opportunity Scholarships that allow students and families to pick any school, whether public, public charter or private, the two chambers were also in agreement on about $135 million to close a federal gap for child center grants. It expires in July. That aid was supported and encouraged by Cooper in a social media post on Wednesday, though he said hundreds of millions were needed. ... The Center Square 35 min
أخبار الأمم المتحدة مفوض حقوق الإنسان: ضحايا أخطر الانتهاكات يستحقون اهتماما متساويا من المجتمع الدولي Attribution+  — حقوق الإنسان هي عامل استقرار وضحايا أخطر الانتهاكات سواء في السودان أو الأرض الفلسطينية المحتلة أو إسرائيل أو أماكن أخرى، يستحقون اهتماما متساويا من المجتمع الدولي، وفقا لمفوض الأمم المتحدة السامي لحقوق الإنسان فولكر تورك. 53 min
أخبار الأمم المتحدة أكبر استطلاع للرأي حول المناخ: 80 في المائة من الناس حول العالم يريدون عملا مناخيا أقوى Attribution+  — أظهر أكبر استطلاع للرأي في العالم على الإطلاق حول تغير المناخ، أن 80 في المائة أو أربعة من بين كل خمسة أشخاص على مستوى العالم، يريدون من حكوماتهم اتخاذ إجراءات أقوى لمعالجة أزمة المناخ. 53 min
North Carolina grant adds another $2M to Vietnamese company project Attribution+  —  (The Center Square) – In addition to the $8 million from taxpayers already announced, an additional $2 million will be provided to the city of Greenville welcoming a Vietnamese solar company that chose eastern North Carolina. Boviet Solar, builder of solar panels and photovoltaic cells for American commercial, residential and industrial customers, is locating a $294 million plant in the Pitt County seat of Greenville. The Department of Commerce on Thursday said it granted the city $2 million through the state Rural Infrastructure Authority to assist in adding a substation to support the expansion. Two months ago, the Commerce Department approved a job development investment grant of $8.279 million to Boviet over 12 years that brought its total state and local incentives to $34.6 million. The company and state say 900 new jobs will come from the project. A 1 million square-foot manufacturing plant is planned. The plant’s employees, including engineers and production workers, will be paid average salaries that are higher than the average of $50,937 paid in Pitt County, according to the state. Economists question the effectiveness of taxpayer-funded financial incentives to private businesses to expand or come to a new state. Thursday’s announcement by the Rural Infrastructure Authority included 20 grant requests awarded for a total of $8.6 million. State leaders say there is $474 million in public and private investment associated with the projects. The infrastructure authority is part of the economic development arm at the Commerce Department. Grant and loan programs are offered and managed by the Rural Economic Development Division. ... The Center Square 54 min
Governo define regras mais rígidas para distribuidoras de energia Attribution+  —  O Ministério de Minas e Energia anunciou nesta quinta-feira (20) que irá publicar decreto com regras mais rígidas para os contratos com distribuidoras de energia. O texto deve ser publicado nesta sexta-feira (21) no Diário Oficial da União. O documento trará 17 diretrizes, que deverão ser cumpridas nos novos contratos. Para os contratos vigentes, as distribuidoras têm opção de se adequar ou não às novas regras para renovação da concessão. Notícias relacionadas:Enel confirma a Lula investimento de R$ 20 bi para acabar com apagões.Consumidores de energia gaúchos terão dois meses sem aumento de tarifa.Entre as regras, estão metas obrigatórias para retomada de serviços em caso de eventos climáticos extremos, ou seja, evitar que os consumidores fiquem sem luz por longas horas em razão de chuvas, vendavais e quedas de árvores nas redes; a satisfação do consumidor será um dos critérios de avaliação da distribuidora. Em caso de descumprimento de alguma norma ou falhas na prestação do serviço, haverá limitação na distribuição de dividendos aos acionistas da companhia e o processo de punição à empresa será mais ágil. “É a oportunidade de efetivamente melhorar a energia entregue nas casas, nos comércios, no meio rural. São 56 milhões de unidades consumidoras impactadas. Os novos contratos serão mais modernos e as empresas deverão garantir a capacidade real de prestar o serviço. A qualidade será medida efetivamente pelo serviço prestado ao consumidor. Desligamentos demorados e longas esperas nos call centers não são mais tolerados pela população”, explicou o ministro Alexandre Silveira, em entrevista à imprensa.  Com as novas normas, o governo federal quer evitar casos, como o da Enel, que deixou milhares de moradores de São Paulo sem energia por dias após fortes chuvas na região metropolitana.  ... Agencia Brasil 1 hr
TRF2 veta uso de dados de equipamentos de Rosinha Garotinho como prova Attribution+  —  Por unanimidade, a 1ª Turma Especializada do Tribunal Regional Federal da 2ª Região (TRF2), decidiu nesta quinta-feira (20) que não podem ser usadas provas obtidas em dispositivos eletrônicos apreendidos da ex-governadora Rosinha Garotinho. A busca e apreensão tinha sido determinada pelo juiz Marcelo Bretas, à época titular da 7ª Vara Federal Criminal do Rio. A decisão foi proferida em recurso de habeas corpus. A medida cautelar foi requerida no contexto da Operação Encilhamento, em razão das investigações para apurar possível prática dos crimes de gestão fraudulenta da Previdência dos Servidores do Município de Campos dos Goytacazes (Previcampos), entre 2016 e 2017. No período, Rosinha Garotinho era prefeita do município no norte fluminense. Notícias relacionadas:Justiça condena Rosinha Garotinho por improbidade administrativa.TRE-RJ mantém inelegibilidade de Rosinha Garotinho.A defesa da ex-governadora alegou que a decisão de primeiro grau teria sido embasada em fundamentos genéricos, sem menção aos indícios de autoria e necessidade da medida. A defesa também sustentou que Rosinha Garotinho estaria sendo relacionada aos fatos apenas por estar no cargo de prefeita ter indicado gestores e membros do comitê da Previcampos. Por unanimidade, os desembargadores da 1ª Turma Especializada acompanharam o voto do relator, desembargador federal Júdice Neto que, destacou “a importância de se prezar pela prudência na prática de diligências probatórias que envolvem a extração de dados armazenados em celulares, laptops, pendrives etc.” O magistrado disse que a ordem de busca e apreensão de equipamentos eletrônicos pertencentes ao investigado e a ordem de extração de dados digitais armazenados nos equipamentos foram expedidas sem indícios razoáveis da autoria do crime.  “Na parte final da decisão consta, apenas que Rosangela Rosinha Garotinho era prefeita de Campos na época dos fatos e, nesta qualidade, foi a responsável por indicar gestores e membros do Comitê da Previcampos, todos, aparentemente, sem qualquer conhecimento sobre investimentos para o exercício das funções”, escreveu o relator. ... Agencia Brasil 1 hr
Mega-Sena acumula mais uma vez e prêmio vai a R$ 86 milhões Attribution+  —  O concurso 2.739 da Mega-Sena realizado na noite desta quinta-feira (20) no Espaço da Sorte, em São Paulo, não teve ganhador na faixa principal. O prêmio para o próximo sorteio, no sábado (22), está acumulado em R$ 86 milhões. Veja as dezenas sorteadas: 19 - 25 - 37 - 45 - 47 – 53. A quina teve 79 apostas ganhadoras; cada uma vai pagar R$ 40.920,93. Já a quadra registrou 4.990 acertadores que vão receber individualmente um prêmio de R$ 925,49 As apostas podem ser feitas até as 19h (horário de Brasília) do dia do sorteio, nas casas lotéricas credenciadas pela Caixa, em todo o país ou pela internet. O jogo simples, com seis números marcados, custa R$ 5. Quina de São João As apostas para a Quina de São João, com prêmio estimado em R$ 220 milhões, estão sendo feitas, em qualquer volante da Quina, nas casas lotéricas de todo o país e pelo aplicativo Loterias Caixa e no portal Loterias Caixa. O sorteio do concurso 6.462, será realizado no próximo sábado (22). Cada aposta simples custa R$ 2,50. Para jogar, basta marcar de cinco a 15 números dentre os 80 disponíveis no cartão. Quem quiser, também pode deixar para o sistema escolher os números, opção conhecida como Surpresinha. Ganham prêmios os acertadores de dois, três, quatro ou cinco números. Assim como em todos os concursos especiais das Loterias Caixa, a Quina de São João não acumula. Se não houver ganhadores na faixa principal, com acerto de cinco números, o prêmio será dividido entre os acertadores da 2ª faixa (quatro números) e assim por diante, conforme as regras da modalidade. Caso apenas um apostador leve o prêmio da Quina de São João e aplique todo o valor na poupança, receberá mais de R$ 1,2 milhão de rendimento no primeiro mês. A pessoa também tem a opção de realizar apostas em grupo com o Bolão Caixa. Os apostadores da Quina podem preencher o campo próprio no volante ou comprar uma cota dos bolões organizados pelas unidades lotéricas. A novidade é que agora as cotas de bolão organizadas pelas lotéricas também podem ser adquiridas no portal Loterias Online com tarifa de 35% do valor da cota. ... Agencia Brasil 1 hr
普京和金正恩之間已經是公開的軍事聯盟了 Attribution+  —  在平壤受到隆重歡迎的普京和金正恩出人意外地締結了《全面戰略夥伴關係條約》,雙方承諾共同防禦。而且,普京不排除發展俄羅斯與朝鮮的軍事技術合作。 ... 法國國際廣播電台 1 hr
普京和金正恩之间已经是公开的军事联盟了 Attribution+  —  在平壤受到隆重欢迎的普京和金正恩出人意外地缔结了《全面战略伙伴关系条约》,双方承诺共同防御。而且,普京不排除发展俄罗斯与朝鲜的军事技术合作。 ... 法国国际广播电台 1 hr
Conselho de Ética da Alerj arquiva processo contra deputada Lucinha Attribution+  —  Por 4 votos a 2, o Conselho de Ética e Decoro Parlamentar da Assembleia Legislativa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Alerj) arquivou, nesta quinta-feira (20), o processo ético-disciplinar que poderia levar à perda do mandato da deputada Lucinha (PSD). Votaram a favor do arquivamento do processo os deputados Cláudio Caiado (PSD), Júlio Rocha (Agir), Renato Miranda (PL) e Vinícius Cozzolino (União). Os votos contrários foram dados pelas deputadas Dani Monteiro (PSOL) e Martha Rocha (PDT). Notícias relacionadas:Deputada é cassada por pagar tratamento estético com dinheiro público.Deputada estadual Lucinha é denunciada por integrar milícia no Rio.Para manter o princípio da transparência, serão publicados no Diário Oficial o parecer do relator e os votos de cada deputado para amplo conhecimento. O Conselho de Ética optou por enviar o processo à Mesa Diretora da Casa, por meio de projeto de resolução, que pode ser submetido ao plenário para decisão final . Denúncia Na segunda-feira (17), Lucia Helena Pinto de Barros, a deputada Lucinha, e a ex-assessora parlamentar Ariane Afonso Lima foram denunciadas pelo procurador-geral de Justiça, Luciano Mattos, por suspeita de integrar a milícia conhecida como Bonde do Zinho, Tropa do Z ou Família Braga, chefiada por Luis Antonio da Silva Braga, o Zinho, com atuação na zona oeste do Rio. De acordo com as investigações, Lucinha e Ariane faziam parte do núcleo político da organização criminosa comandada por Zinho, que se entregou à Superintendência da Polícia Federal no Rio em 24 de dezembro do ano passado. Segundo a denúncia entregue ao Órgão Especial do Tribunal de Justiça (TJRJ), a milícia era composta por um núcleo operacional, formada por três subgrupos: lideranças principais, locais, com atuação específica nas áreas de domínio do grupo, e assessores, também conhecidos como soldados ou informantes. Conforme a denúncia, as investigações e o inquérito policial apontaram a existência de mais dois núcleos, o financeiro, destinado à lavagem de capitais obtidos com práticas criminosas, e o político, integrado por Lucinha e Ariane, cuja função era a defesa dos interesses dos criminosos junto ao Poder Público. Em um dos episódios que indicam interferência política de Lucinha e Ariane a favor dos criminosos, a denúncia menciona que, em julho de 2021, ambas forneceram ao grupo informações privilegiadas relacionadas à agenda de visitas do prefeito do Rio, Eduardo Paes, à zona oeste, permitindo que milicianos retirassem seus integrantes das ruas das localidades dominadas por eles. O documento aponta também tentativa de interferência junto ao prefeito e outras autoridades municipais para que fosse mantida a chamada Brecha da P5 no transporte público alternativo da cidade, maior fonte de obtenção direta de recursos da milícia. Desta forma, o grupo poderia explorar o serviço fora do itinerário determinado, aumentando a arrecadação das vans. Além disso, a deputada e a ex-assessora receberam do grupo criminoso informações privilegiadas sobre a prática de crimes cujas investigações estavam em curso para interferir no caso e determinar a linha investigativa a ser seguida pelos investigadores. A denúncia diz ainda que, em novembro de 2021, a deputada prestou auxílio a membros do Bonde do Zinho que tinham sido presos em flagrante, para que fossem liberados. A deputada também foi acusada de interferir, no mesmo período, junto ao Comando da Polícia Militar e ao alto escalão político da Alerj para remover dos cargos os comandantes da 8ª Delegacia de Polícia Judiciária Militar e do 27º Batalhão de Polícia Militar, em razão do combate à organização criminosa. As investigações demonstraram ainda que, de junho de 2021 a março de 2022, Lucinha e Ariane mantiveram encontros frequentes com os principais líderes da milícia para estabelecer o tipo de interferência que seria exercida junto à Alerj. De acordo com a denúncia, a deputada nomeou como assessores em seu gabinete, entre 2021 e 2023, parentes de integrantes da organização criminosa. As acusadas vão responder pelo Artigo 288-A do Código Penal, na forma da Lei 12.850/12, que trata do crime de constituição de milícia privada, cuja pena pode variar de 5 a 10 anos de prisão e multa, além da perda da função pública. Quando o Judiciário aceita a denúncia formulada pelo Ministério Público, as denunciadas passam à condição de rés e começam a responder ao processo judicial. ... Agencia Brasil 1 hr
Report highlights issues with Oklahoma State Department of Education Attribution+  —  (The Center Square) - A lack of transparency and unspent money that was supposed to help make schools safer are some of the concerns Democratic lawmakers have after reviewing reports presented Thursday to the Oversight Committee for the Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency. Democratic committee members said the Oklahoma State Department of Education and Superintendent Ryan Walters are operating with “a lack of accountability.” “The LOFT report reviewing the SDE practices showed major gaps in transparency and the effort to secure much-needed federal funding, which is troubling. Full transparency on federal funding for SDE has not been made public in over two years,” said Rep. Melissa Provenzano, D-Tulsa. “Today, we found out money meant to make our schools a safer place went unspent to the tune of $1.4 million. When will we begin to hold the SDE accountable?” The reports examined federal funds in education and applications for federal grants. OSDE spent $101 million in federal dollars on administrative costs in fiscal year 2024, one report found. There are 186 full-time staff positions funded by federal money. Superintendent Ryan Walters told the committee that some of the issues presented in the report’s findings have been addressed. Some employees have been dismissed, and the department is instituting a better process for grant applications. “We now have that process in place that was not previously there that gives us a much better ability to not only get grants that are much more aligned to the goals and the values of the people of Oklahoma and the state legislature but also give us the ability to have oversight throughout the grant process and to make sure that those dollars are being used appropriately,” Walters said. Another report looked into standardized testing and how it will be used to determine school rankings in the future. “The big takeaway is that Walters is more focused on politics than in what’s really going to be best for Oklahoma children,” said Sen. Julia Kirt, D-Oklahoma City. “The reports showed gaps in transparency at SDE and gave us more questions than answers about the authority for many of their actions in both grants and in how much weight we give to one-size-fits-all, high-stakes testing. Legislative Democrats continue to demand better.” Democrats said they were worried about tying standardized testing results to school rankings, particularly its potential impact on students with disabilities or living in poverty. “These are students who already need greater resources and tools to succeed, yet the one-size-fits-all testing doesn’t take those serious challenges into consideration at all,” said Rep. Meloyde Blancett, D-Tulsa. “We were told we’d receive additional information at some point. We look forward to seeing that soon.” ... The Center Square 1 hr
'We are coming to get you:' Florida sheriff's office dismantles drug trafficking ring Attribution+  —  (The Center Square) – A northeastern Florida sheriff warned drug dealers Thursday morning at a drug bust, saying, "if you are going to peddle this poison in our community, we are coming to get you." A major drug trafficking ring responsible for dealing fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamines, and cocaine in Volusia County in northeast Florida was dismantled Thursday after a series of raids and arrests were made as part of "Operation Wild 'N' Out." After making several arrests, officers seized enough fentanyl to kill at least half a million Floridians. Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood and Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody announced the results of an 8-month multi-jurisdictional investigation that identified more than three dozen suspects. Moody's office filed charges against 38 members of the drug-trafficking ring that were operating out of Volusia and Putnam counties. Her office is prosecuting the case. The ringleaders and the majority of the 38 defendants were arrested Thursday "as detectives and agents fanned out across the county with arrest warrants," Sheriff Chitwood said. "Those remaining will be arrested in the hours and days to come." "It takes a team effort to bring down a drug trafficking organization like this, and that's exactly what we did in this investigation," he said. "Today we put a bunch of drug dealers in jail and made a major dent in the fentanyl, heroin and meth supply in our community.But we know our work is never done, and we have to pick it right back up tomorrow." The trafficking ring was allegedly led by four individuals who distributed illegal narcotics to other dealers throughout the county in Daytona Beach, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater, Oak Hill, and Deltona, and in Pomona Park in Putnam County. The Volusia Bureau of Investigation (VBI) led the investigation, working with the East Volusia Narcotics Task Force. More than a dozen law enforcement agencies were involved, including the FBI, DEA, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations, ATF, Central Florida HIDTA, several local police departments and narcotics task forces, among others. "None of these drug dealers in Volusia or anywhere in the state are safe from prosecution," FDLE Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jason Kriegsman said at the scene of one of the search warrants. He credited "all the members of the task force who are putting their lives on the line every day fighting these battles have been working this case for months and months." He said the danger they faced wasn't just dealing with violent criminals but dealing with fentanyl, having to handle it every day and the risk of possibly overdosing and fatal reactions." "The message has to be clear," Sheriff Chitwood said. "If you're going to peddle that poison in this community, we are coming to get you. Be prepared for what's next." Investigators seized more than a kilogram of fentanyl. During a search warrant raid at a house in Daytona Beach, detectives found 75 grams of fentanyl stored in a baby diaper. With two milligrams considered a lethal dose, they seized enough to kill at least half a million Floridians. They also seized more than 19 pounds of methamphetamine, 69 grams of cocaine, and various equipment used to manufacture and package the drugs to sell, the sheriff's office said. The four ring leaders were charged with conspiracy to traffic in fentanyl, manufacture of fentanyl, conspiracy to traffic in methamphetamine, conspiracy to traffic in cocaine, money laundering and unlawful use of a two-way communications device, according to AG Moody's office. Volusia County Councilman Matt Reinhart, who was at the scene when search warrants were being executed, said the commitment to taking drugs off of the streets "was personal." "When I say its personal, drugs impact every family. Everybody can go back and say how it's touched their family in one way or another. It touched mine with the loss of my brother due to an overdose just over a year ago," he said. The people being targeted "are very dangerous individuals that … we want to remove from our streets." Sheriff Chitwood's successful operation came on the heels of a successful nearly year-long operation led by the Polk County Sheriff's Office announced in April. In it, they disrupted a Mexican drug trafficking organization operating in several states and seized the largest amount of fentanyl in county history– enough to kill one-third of the state's population, The Center Square reported. AG Moody has been leading the charge against crimes she argues are stemming from the "open border policies" of President Joe Biden. She has been working with sheriffs and law enforcement statewide who are busting fentanyl and human trafficking rings after the drugs and people are smuggled across the border and into Florida. ... The Center Square 1 hr
Democratic Party’s slate sweeps countywide judicial races Attribution+  —  In a primary with historically low turnout, the most controversial candidates in subcircuits lost out to those with stronger reviews from fellow lawyers. The post Democratic Party’s slate sweeps countywide judicial races appeared first on Injustice Watch. ... Injustice Watch 1 hr
Stories from the UN Archive: Archivists unerase mystery woman Attribution+  — Too often, women’s names have been erased from history, including at the signing of the landmark Refugee Convention in 1951. But, this is no longer the case for Margaret (Kitchen) Bruce, thanks to tenacious deep diving archive teams from across the UN Organization. ... UN News 1 hr
Anti-Israel protestors targeting Hispanic, conservative members of Congress Attribution+  —  (The Center Square) – As anti-Israel protestors continue to harass a Hispanic U.S. senator in Texas, polls show Hispanic Americans support Israel, and Hispanic Texans are leaning more Republican than ever before, sayng they are fed up with high inflationary costs and "open border policies" of the current administration. Flag Day, June 14, was the 23rd time since Feb. 10 that anti-Israel protestors descended outside of the home of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican and Cuban American who lives with his family in the River Oaks neighborhood of Houston. Nearly all protestors were wearing masks and facial coverings; some were chanting "free Palestine" and other slogans, ringing cow bells, and holding signs reading, "No rest for the wicked, Ted," "Ted Cruz, we know you're AIPAC bought," and "Israel bombs playgrounds." On Friday, Cruz posted a video of them on social media stating, "For the past six months, anti-Israel protestors have come to my home just about every Sat morning at 7 am and most Fri nights until 10 or 11 pm. They scream, disturb the peace & wake the neighbors. No matter how much these antisemites cheer Hamas, I will stand with Israel." Many anti-Israel protestors continue to deny or justify the acts of the Islamic terrorist group Hamas when its members killed more than 1,200 people in Israel and took roughly 250 people hostage on Oct. 7. Many argue Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians. They also argue student protestors chanting "death to Jews" and calling for the destruction of Israel are exercising "free speech," according to a recent lawsuit. Jewish groups that sued Muslim student groups last month argue they are knowingly providing "continuous, systematic, and substantial assistance to Hamas and its affiliates' acts of international terrorism," The Center Square reported. Gov. Greg Abbott, Cruz and others have argued that hate speech and threatening to kill Jews isn't protected speech. Cruz began posting videos of the anti-Israel protestors clamoring outside of his home in February. He said they "have come to my house early in the morning, waking up the neighbors & harassing my family. None expressed concern about Hamas' Oct 7 murder of over 1200 or mass rapes of women & children. I'm proud to stand with Israel." Cruz is not the only member of Congress to be targeted in Texas. Last November, another Hispanic Republican in Texas' Congressional delegation, U.S. Rep. Monica De La Cruz, was targeted, The Center Square reported. Her McAllen office was vandalized twice by pro-Hamas activists after she expressed support for Israel. Spray painted messages in red paint read, "Israel kills Jews too," "Monica murders," and "You can't escape your crimes Monica." In response, she said: "Let me be crystal clear: These acts of vandalism will never intimidate me, silence me, or stop me from opposing antisemitism and supporting Israel's right to defend itself." Cruz and De La Cruz appear to be the only members of Congress in Texas targeted by anti-Israel protestors. Both are proud of their Hispanic heritage and claim to be conservative Christians, also arguing conservative values better represent the Hispanic community in Texas. Hispanic Texans are put off by the far-left progressive agenda of the Democratic Party, including transgender policies that threaten biological girls, defunding the police, opening the border, the anti-Israel agenda, among others, they argue. In January, more than a dozen Hispanic Christian organizations representing millions of followers, including in Texas, expressed their support for Israel and the Jewish community. Hispanics, including immigrants, have strongly supported Israel for decades, according to the National Latino Evangelical Coalition, Axios reported. Cruz and De La Cruz have helped encourage a trend of Hispanic voters and officials shifting right politically. Since 2018, more local officials have left the Democratic Party to become Republicans, The Center Square reported. Earlier this year, a new coalition, Democrats for Cruz, launched, arguing the Democratic Party of Texas "has abandoned Texas." The coalition of Texans who historically voted Democrat and are now voting for Cruz, support Israel, law enforcement, securing the border, protecting the Texas oil and natural gas industry, among other issues, according to a recent announcement. Cruz was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 2012, won reelection in 2016 and 2020, and is leading his current challenger in the polls in his third reelection bid. De La Cruz has helped turn precincts Republican in the Rio Grande Valley. She was elected to Congress in November 2022, winning 53% of the vote, making history in her south Texas border district. She's running for reelection against the Democrat she defeated in 2022. De La Cruz was also the first female Republican Texas congresswoman in history to give a Spanish language rebuttal to a state of the union address. In March, she argued the president "does not understand us." ... The Center Square 1 hr
В Сенате представлен законопроект о признании РФ "спонсором терроризма" Attribution+  — Закон, если будет одобрен, ещё более отодвинет Россию на периферию международных отношений ... Радио Свобода 2 hr
32位联合国人权专家要求公司和国家主体停止向以色列转让武器 Attribution+  — 32位联合国人权专家在今天发表的一项联合声明中表示,向以色列转让武器和弹药可能构成严重违反人权法和国际人道法的行为,并有可能成为包括种族灭绝罪行在内的国际犯罪的国家同谋。他们要求立即停止这种转让。 ... 联合国新闻 2 hr
Moraes arquiva inquérito sobre campanha contra PL das Fake News Attribution+  —  O ministro Alexandre de Moraes, do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), determinou nesta quinta-feira (20) o arquivamento do inquérito aberto no ano passado para investigar postagens de empresas que operam redes sociais contra o Projeto de Lei das Fake News (PL 2.630/20), em discussão no Congresso Nacional. O ministro seguiu parecer da Procuradoria-Geral da República (PGR). Na manifestação, a procuradoria avalia que não há provas suficientes para justificar a abertura de um processo criminal contra o Telegram e o Google. Notícias relacionadas:Dos 20 deputados do GT das redes, 14 são contra criminalizar fake news.STF assina acordo com redes sociais para combater a desinformação ."Acolho a manifestação da Procuradoria-Geral da República e defiro o arquivamento deste inquérito e a remessa dos autos à Procuradoria Regional da República de São Paulo, autoridade responsável pelo inquérito civil", decidiu Moraes. A investigação foi aberta após as duas plataformas dispararem aos seus usuários mensagens contrárias à tramitação do PL das Fake News. O projeto ainda continua tramitando no Congresso. Em São Paulo, um inquérito civil que apura o caso vai continuar em tramitação. ... Agencia Brasil 2 hr
Another report says CBP, ICE not detaining, removing inadmissibles flying into country Attribution+  —  (The Center Square) – The Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued another report identifying ongoing problems with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) processes. A regional CBP and ICE detention and removal processes were ineffective at one major international airport, the OIG audit found. The report redacts the name and location of the airport and CBP and ICE regional offices. Between fiscal years 2021 and 2023, the report found CBP agents at this airport released at least 383 inadmissible travelers from custody into the U.S. who, under the law, are prohibited from entering the country. Instead of detaining and processing them for removal, they were released and ordered to return to be removed on their own recognizance; 168 (44%) of them didn't return for their removal flights. ICE officials said they denied CBP's overnight detention requests for inadmissible travelers before removal flights because of "staffing and bed space limitations," according to the investigation. CBP also said it didn't have enough overtime funds to pay officers to detain inadmissible travelers at the airport after operating hours. CBP agents also described difficulties related to transferring inadmissible travelers to another airport because they needed to first receive permission from the airline and another airport's CBP office and "overcome other logistical issues." CBP agents also didn't issue "notices to appear" documents ordering 77 inadmissibles to appear before an immigration judge who didn't return for their deportation flights. If the NTAs had been issued, the inadmissible travelers would have been transferred to ICE to begin removal proceedings. CBP agents claimed they didn't do this because they didn't have "an effective process to track which inadmissible travelers failed to return for their removal flights." CBP also decreased the number of staff responsible for issuing NTAs to inadmissible travelers, the OIG investigation found, which "contributed to a backlog of unissued NTAs for identified inadmissible travelers." The report was issued after the OIG found that CBP agents weren't properly screening and vetting noncitizens who they released into the country. Another found that CBP agents were releasing known and suspected terrorists into the country because of "ineffective practices and processes," The Center Square reported. Claims of inadequate funding or needing new technology has fallen flat on Congress, which has increased CBP funding by $2.98 billion since fiscal 2021, the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security has pointed out. The committee conducted its own audit and issued five reports on alleged DHS failures. In its last, it identified "consistent misuse and abuse of taxpayer resources enabled by [DHS Secretary Alejandro] Mayorkas, specifically through his failure to detain illegal aliens and use [ICE] detention resources in accordance with their intended purpose." Under the Biden administration, ICE hasn't used detention facilities at full capacity, but taxpayers pay for them regardless at a rate of between $1.3 billion and $1.43 billion, the committee found. In a recent column, the committee's chairman, Mark Green, R-Tenn., pointed out budget discrepancies. Biden's fiscal 2024 budget requested a 10% cut ($1.8 billion) to CBP operations compared to what Congress enacted in fiscal 2023. It also slashed ICE's enforcement and removal operations budget by nearly $700 million, or 15% from fiscal 2023 enacted levels, Green notes. Under the previous administration, DHS' fiscal 2021 budget requested 60,000 ICE beds. Under Biden, the fiscal 2023 and fiscal 2024 budgets requested 32,500 and 25,000 ICE beds, respectively, he notes. Because of "Mayorkas' open-borders directives, ICE has also routinely failed to utilize the detention space authorized by Congress," he said in a separate statement. In Congress' recently passed fiscal 2024 appropriations bill, 41,500 ICE beds were authorized. As of June 1, only 37,500 beds were being used, according to ICE data. In a recent House Homeland Security budget hearing, U.S. Rep. Michael Guest, R-Miss., pressed Mayorkas on his request for fewer ICE detention beds than Congress funded, saying, "We are giving you more money than you are asking for, and then you are coming into these hearings, and you are trying to say that you don't have the financial resources that you need to carry out the job… And you continue to seek to place the blame on us." Mayorkas replied, "The security of the southern border is our highest priority." DHS requests were made for fewer resources to detain and remove illegal foreign nationals as record numbers continued to pour through the border. Since January 2021, more than 11 million, including those who evaded capture, have illegally entered the country. In the first six months of fiscal 2024, a record more than 1.7 million illegally entered, The Center Square reported. In February, Mayorkas was the first sitting cabinet member to be impeached in U.S. history after claiming the southern border was secure for years. In April, he admitted there was a crisis at the southern border. ... The Center Square 2 hr
Spokane selects finalists in nationwide hunt for new police chief Attribution+  —  (The Center Square) – The Spokane Police Department’s search for a new chief is coming to a close, announcing Thursday that four finalists will participate in a public forum next week. Those who made the cut include Kevin Hall, assistant chief of the Tucson Police Department; Matthew Murray, chief of the Yakima Police Department; Tom Worthy, chief of The Dalles Police Department; and Kathleen Lanier, a colonel with the Memphis Police Department. The nationwide hunt for a new department head started in February, about a month after Spokane’s new mayor took office. The effort culminated through a public safety survey, a selection committee, various community meetings and help from executive search firms. “I am incredibly grateful to all of those who have participated in our search for a new Chief of Police,” Mayor Lisa Brown said in a news release. “This search included robust community engagement, ensuring that voices from across our community were heard. I sincerely thank the public for their invaluable feedback and the members of the selection committee for their dedication and hard work.” Each finalist will participate in the public forum on June 27 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Spokane’s Central Library along Main Avenue. The city will also livestream the event on its website and Facebook page. Throughout the event, community members will have a chance to meet the finalists and hear what they have to offer to Spokane. Following the public forum, residents can take another survey to share their feedback with the Mayor’s Office to guide Brown’s decision. The search for a new leader was initiated in response to former Police Chief Craig Meidl’s retirement in December. He announced the decision shortly after then-conservative Mayor Nadine Woodward lost the November election to Brown, a seasoned Democrat. “I have worked for two amazing Mayors who have trusted me at the helm of the Spokane Police Department for the past seven years,” Meidl wrote in a statement announcing his retirement. “Mayor Woodward’s support and encouragement, for me personally and the SPD as a whole, during the last four years has been tremendous in helping us retain and attract the brightest talent available. I am grateful for their confidence in me.” Meidl became chief in 2016 but served with SPD since 1994. He wished Brown a bit of good luck on his way out, and currently in his place is Interim Chief Justin Lundgren, who formerly served as Meidl’s assistant chief. However, Meidl has since rescinded his retirement and taken a job as interim chief with the Richland Police Department. “The Spokane Police Department looks forward to meeting the candidates and to the next chapter in SPD’s strong history of providing the best possible public service to the community,” Julie Humphreys, SPD’s spokeswoman, wrote in an email. “The next Chief will lead an exemplary group of dedicated and skilled officers and civilians who not only serve the community but, as community members themselves, also want a safe and vibrant Spokane.” ... The Center Square 2 hr
Dólar sobe para R$ 5,46 e fecha no maior nível do governo Lula Attribution+  —  O fim dos cortes da Taxa Selic (juros básicos da economia) acalmou pouco o mercado financeiro. O dólar subiu pela quinta vez seguida e atingiu o maior valor durante o governo do presidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. A bolsa de valores iniciou o dia em alta, mas perdeu força e fechou praticamente estável. O dólar comercial encerrou esta quinta-feira (20) vendido a R$ 5,462, com alta de R$ 0,02 (+0,38%). A cotação começou o dia em baixa, chegando a R$ 5,39 por volta das 9h30, mas inverteu o movimento. Além da alta no exterior, a moeda norte-americana foi pressionada pela entrevista em que o presidente Lula lamentou a decisão do Banco Central de manter a Selic em 10,5% ao ano. Notícias relacionadas:Lula lamenta manutenção da taxa básica de juros.Governo anuncia investimentos em educação e saúde no Ceará.Com a alta de hoje, o dólar atingiu o mais alto nível desde 22 de julho de 2022, quando tinha fechado a R$ 5,49. A divisa acumula alta de 4,06% em junho e de 12,55% em 2024. No mercado de ações, o dia foi marcado pela volatilidade. O índice Ibovespa, da B3, fechou aos 120.446 pontos, com alta de 0,15%. Apesar da alta das commodities (bens primários com cotação internacional) ter impulsionado ações de petroleiras e de mineradoras, o mercado foi afetado pela expectativa de que os juros altos estimulem a migração de investidores da bolsa para a renda fixa, aplicação menos arriscada. Na reunião de ontem (19), o Comitê de Política Monetária (Copom) do Banco Central (BC) encerrou o ciclo de cortes na Taxa Selic e manteve os juros básicos da economia em 10,5% ao ano, indicando que não deve mexer na taxa nas próximas reuniões. As declarações de Lula, no entanto, trouxeram instabilidade ao mercado financeiro por indicar a possibilidade de o próximo presidente do Banco Central sofrer interferências do Palácio do Planalto, apesar da autonomia formal da autoridade monetária. A alta do dólar, no entanto, não se deveu apenas a fatores domésticos. No dia seguinte a um feriado nos Estados Unidos, as taxas dos títulos do Tesouro norte-americano, considerados os investimentos mais seguros do planeta, voltaram a subir. Juros altos em economias avançadas estimulam a migração de capitais de países emergentes, como o Brasil. *Com informações da Reuters ... Agencia Brasil 2 hr
New law aims to help Washington funeral homes overwhelmed with unclaimed bodies Attribution+  —  (The Center Square) – Washington funeral homes and coroners are now allowed to dispose of unclaimed human remains after 45 days. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee recently signed House Bill 1974, which reduces the length of time that funeral homes must hold onto unclaimed bodies from 90 days to 45 days. House Bill 1974, sponsored by Rep. Peter Abbarno, R-Centralia, passed the Legislature this session and was singed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee. It went into effect June 1. During a January public hearing before the House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee, Abbarno said, "This bill came to me at the request of the Lewis County Coroner. Currently they are required to keep the remains for 90 days, which is an exceptionally long amount of time, especially for those in small counties that don’t have a lot of space.” The original bill would have reduced the time for keeping remains to 30 days, but it was amended to 45 days. Travis Locke is the funeral director at Herring Funeral Home in Walla Walla. He told lawmakers most funeral homes are small operations with just a handful of employees. “The 90-day hold has proven itself to create a great strain,” Locke explained. “Our primary job is to get the dead where they need to go and get the living precisely where they need to be.” Jeff Wallis is the program supervisor for the Kitsap County Medical Examiner’s Office. Wallis told The Center Square financial constraints keep a lot of families from claiming remains. "When family members designate a funeral home, they come get the body and then the family would break off communication or not make any final arrangements,” he said. “Then the funeral home was forced to hold that body for 90 days." “Money is tight and pricing on even simple cremations runs the gamut,” Wallis said. “It can be anywhere from $500 to $3,000. Wallis said funeral homes, especially smaller ones, don’t have the space or the financial means to keep human remains indefinitely. “The funeral homes were having to store those bodies for three months before they could proceed with cremation and even then, they often don’t get paid," he said. “The bodies have to be kept refrigerated, and that space is obviously limited, and as those three months roll along, it eventually becomes diminishing returns, with funeral homes out of space to store anybody because they are holding remains of people that haven’t been claimed.” Wallis says the drug epidemic is a major factor in cases of unclaimed remains. “We have seen a huge spike in drug related deaths since 2018,” he said. “They are without any identification, and we partner with other agencies to get them identified through other means: finger prints, dental exams, but then comes the challenge of finding family.” Wallis told The Center Square it often takes years to find family members. "We had one family reach out from New York because they lost contact with their loved one here in Kitsap County. We worked on it for a year," he said. "The persons remains were buried in 2022 and the family reached out to us last September.” “I was just out to our county indigent plot, and there are 97 remains there today," he said. "It looks like we’re going to be adding three to that, so we’ll have 100 out there.” Wallis says the new law is helpful, but it’s not enough. “We’re finding that if we don’t have families committed within a week, for arrangements, for a payment plan or something like that, that it’s not going to happen," he noted. ... The Center Square 2 hr
Лідери Косова та Сербії проведуть зустріч щодо нормалізації відносин за посередництва ЄС Attribution+  — Саміт буде відбуватися за посередництва високого представника ЄС із закордонних справ Жозепа Борреля та спецпредставника Мірослава Лайчака ... Радіо Свобода 2 hr
Au Koweït comme en Inde, les chaleurs record mettent les réseaux électriques à rude épreuve Attribution+  —  Les épisodes de chaleur qui frappent certaines parties du globe n'affectent pas que les organismes. Les températures extrêmes ont à certains endroits créés des tensions sur l'approvisionnement en électricité. ... Radio France Internationale 2 hr
Tenista Thiago Monteiro tem vaga confirmada na Olimpíada de Paris Attribution+  —  O tênis brasileiro na Olimpíada de Paris contará com Thiago Monteiro, além das paulistas  Beatriz Haddad Mais e Laura Pigossi também classificadas. A confirmação da vaga do atleta cearense foi anunciada nesta quinta-feira (20) pela Federação Internacional de Tênis (ITF, na sigla em inglês). Medalhista de bronze ano passado nos Jogos Pan-Americanos de Santiago (Chile), Monteiro herdou a vaga olímpica que pertencia ao argentino Facundo Diaz Acosta, o vencedor do torneio de simples em Santiago.  Tanto o campeão pan-americano quanto o vice asseguraram presença em Paris. No entanto, Facundo Diaz não disputará os Jogos, porque a Argentina excedeu o número de tenistas classificados. Dessa forma,  Thiago Monteiro arrematou a  segunda vaga continental das Américas.   Notícias relacionadas:Brasil bate Tailândia e vai às semifinais da Liga das Nações de Vôlei.De olho na liderança do Brasileiro, Fla e Bahia jogam no Maracanã.Seleção de vôlei sentado é bronze em torneio preparatório para Paris.Thiago Monteiro em #Paris2024! ???????????? O tenista se classificou para a chave de simples graças à medalha de bronze conquistada no Pan-Americano de Santiago, em 2023. A vaga foi confirmada hoje pela Federação Internacional de Tênis (ITF).#TimeBrasil #Smartfit pic.twitter.com/CgHXw7deI3 — Time Brasil (@timebrasil) June 20, 2024 "É um sonho realizado. É a conquista do meu objetivo do ano, muito feliz em poder viver esse sonho novamente. É sempre especial estar no ambiente olímpico, tendo essa experiência de estar com os melhores atletas das principais modalidades do mundo e voltar para o complexo de Roland Garros. Muito feliz e mais tranquilo com a oficialização dessa vaga, agora é me preparar para vivenciar tudo isso de novo e fazer uma boa campanha", disse o tenista canhoto, de 30 anos, que estreou em Olimpíadas na última edição, em Tóquio. Na atual temporada do circuito mundial, Monteiro se destacou em torneios com piso de saibro, furando os  qualifyings (classificatórios)  dos Masters 1000 de Roma e Madri,  e também o de Roland Garros. O brasileiro alcançou oitavas em Roma e chegou à terceira rodada em Madri. Antes da Olimpíada, Monteiro disputará o ATP 250 de Bastad (Suécia), também no saibro. O número de tenistas brasileiros em Paris pode aumentar no próximo dia 2 de julho, com a divulgação da lista definitiva de atletas pela ITF. No mesmo dia a entidade anunciará as chaves de duplas masculina, feminina e mista. Nos Jogos de Tóquio, o Brasil conquistou o bronze, primeira medalha olímpica do país no tênis, na chave de duplas femininas, com a parceria de Laura Pigossi e Luisa Stefani. ... Agencia Brasil 2 hr
Edifícios icônicos de Artacho Jurado levam cor ao centro de São Paulo Attribution+  —  Cores vibrantes, elementos decorativos e ornamentais, mistura de estilos, espaços de convivência, muitas pastilhas e alguma dose de rebuscamento e exagero. Estas são algumas das características das obras de João Artacho Jurado (1907-1983), responsável pela construção de alguns dos edifícios mais conhecidos da capital paulista e que introduziu uma nova proposta estética e funcional à história da industrialização de São Paulo. Criticado por seu exagero e por não ter uma base formal de estudo - ele nunca cursou engenharia ou arquitetura, Artacho foi responsável pela construção de alguns dos edifícios mais icônicos de São Paulo, como o Cinderela, o Louvre, o Viadutos, o Bretagne e o Piauí. Além de compor a paisagem das regiões da Bela Vista e de Higienópolis, no centro da capital paulista, os prédios são utilizados como cenários de produções cinematográficas brasileiras. Sua obra também está na cidade de Santos, no litoral de São Paulo. Artacho Jurado e seus edifícios são o tema da Ocupação Artacho Jurado, inaugurada nesta quinta-feira (20) no Itaú Cultural, em São Paulo. Gratuita, a exposição apresenta 130 peças entre maquetes, desenhos originais, fotografias, vídeos, publicidade da época e documentos e ficará em cartaz até o dia 15 de setembro. A curadoria é do antropólogo, curador, pesquisador e roteirista documental Guilherme Giufrida, ao lado da curadora, arquiteta e pesquisadora Jéssica Varrichio e da equipe do Itaú Cultural. A expografia é de Juliana Godoy. Industrialização Nos anos 50, quando a cidade de São Paulo se industrializava e se verticalizava, a indústria pregava a padronização de elementos na construção civil, com linhas cinzas e retas. Mas os projetos de Artacho propunham um novo caminho e uma nova arquitetura, juntando o industrial ao artesanal. Por meio de suas obras, a cidade de São Paulo começou a ganhar elementos mais festivos e coloridos, com uma mescla de texturas e formas. Outra inovação trazida por ele foi que seus prédios adotavam o uso de áreas comuns, para lazer e convívio. “Artacho Jurado foi um homem muito interessante para a época que viveu porque tinha uma concepção mais ampliada do que poderia ser essa cidade na construção desses prédios que hoje são tão icônicos. Ele também foi um desafiador de cânones. Quando você começa a construir prédios coloridos numa cidade que tem pouca cor, isso chama muita atenção”, disse Tânia Rodrigues, gerente da área de informação e difusão digital do Itaú Cultural e integrante da equipe curatorial da mostra. Com experiência em desenho industrial, o arquiteto autodidata desenhava a mão os cobogós, gradis de guarda-corpos, a paleta de cores de cada edifício, as marquises das coberturas e as amplas janelas pouco usuais no período. “Ele aproveitou esse boom do crescimento da cidade e do dinheiro disponível com a industrialização, entendendo que haveria um adensamento populacional no centro da cidade”, explicou Tânia Rodrigues à Agência Brasil. É por isso que boa parte de seus prédios está localizado na região central da capital. Mercado imobiliário Outra característica marcante de Artacho Jurado era sua visão sobre o mercado imobiliário. Além da construção de prédios com áreas comuns, ele desenvolveu uma série de técnicas para atrair clientes, promovendo ensaios fotográficos para estimular desejos e perspectivas sociais e culturais de uma época.  Na exposição, por exemplo, há muitas fotografias publicitárias em que mulheres conversam com suas amigas ou brincam com seus filhos nas áreas comuns desses edifícios. Isso demonstra que, para Artacho, a experiência do morar era uma das principais vitrines da vida moderna. “Havia uma noção de negócio, porque ele construía toda uma estrutura por trás. Então, era o prédio, o formato de venda, o formato de publicidade”, explica Tânia.   ... Agencia Brasil 2 hr
Total de barragens de mineração a montante no país caiu 29% desde 2019 Attribution+  —  O número de barragens de mineração que usam o método de alteamento a montante teve uma redução de 29,7% no país, desde a tragédia ocorrida em janeiro de 2019 na cidade de Brumadinho, Minas Gerais. É o que aponta levantamento apresentado nesta quinta-feira (20) pelo Instituto Brasileiro de Mineração (Ibram), entidade que representa as maiores mineradoras do país. A tragédia em Brumadinho ocorreu devido ao rompimento de uma barragem da Vale que havia sido construída pelo método de alteamento a montante. O episódio custou 272 vidas e gerou grande impacto ambiental. Em resposta, leis proibindo este tipo de estrutura foram aprovadas na Assembleia Legislativa de Minas Gerais (ALMG) e no Congresso Nacional. A partir de então, as mineradoras foram obrigadas a iniciar um processo de eliminação desse tipo de barragens. Notícias relacionadas:Vítimas da tragédia em Brumadinho autorizam repasse de R$ 2,2 mi ao RS.Caso Samarco: atingidos fazem ato contra sigilo envolvendo novo acordo.O levantamento apresentado pelo Ibram foi produzido com base em dados do sistema administrado pela Agência Nacional de Mineração (ANM), responsável pela fiscalização da atividade do setor. Em fevereiro de 2019, estavam registradas 74 barragens a montante no país. Em abril desse ano, esse número caiu para 52, indicando 22 a menos. O gráfico que ilustra os dados mostra o movimento de queda em todo o período abordado, com uma exceção entre agosto e dezembro de 2022. Nesse intervalo, o número de barragens subiu de 56 para 61. De acordo com o diretor-presidente do Ibram, Raul Jungmann, essa variação não envolve a criação de novas estruturas a montante, o que estava proibido. Ele explica que essa elevação se deu pela aplicação de normas mais rígidas. "Novas barragens foram adicionadas ao sistema devido à reclassificação", afirma. Conhecida como Lei Mar de Lama Nunca Mais, a Lei Estadual 23.291/2019 havia fixado o prazo de três anos para que todas as estruturas a montante fossem eliminadas em Minas Gerais. As mineradoras não cumpriram o prazo. Diante da situação, acordos com o Ministério Público de Minas Gerais (MPMG) estabeleceram valores indenizatórios e geraram novos cronogramas. A Vale, por exemplo, arcou com R$ 236 milhões: a mineradora eliminou 14 das 30 barragens inicialmente listadas. Esse processo é tecnicamente chamado de descaracterização, uma vez que consiste em intervenções para que a estrutura deixe de ter as características de uma barragem. As mineradoras também devem promover a revegetação, reintegrando a área ao conjunto paisagístico. Processo Jungmann sustenta que, dependendo das dimensões da estrutura, é um processo complexo. Ele afirma que barragens são usadas desde que a mineração existe no mundo e muitas delas acumularam milhões de metros cúbicos ao longo de muitas dezenas de anos. "Quando você minera um determinado mineral, é preciso separá-lo daquilo que nós chamamos de estéreis. Popularmente, também chamamos de rejeito, de terra. Enfim, são outros elementos que vêm junto com o mineral. E depois de um processo de lavagem, às vezes depois de um processo químico, isso vai para uma barragem", explica. O diretor-presidente do Ibram afirma que o programa de descaracterização em curso no Brasil é inédito no mundo. "Nunca foi feito em nenhum lugar do mundo. Então é um desafio para a nossa engenharia, que nós sabemos que é muito competente. Mas é um processo delicado, que leva tempo", justifica. Segundo ele, a expectativa é de que aproximadamente 90% de todas barragens a montante estejam eliminadas até 2027. De acordo com dados apresentados pelo Ibram, o setor investirá mais de R$ 30 bilhões para esse processo de descaracterização. Jungmann diz ainda que as mineradoras têm investido em alternativas tecnológicas envolvendo a destinação dos rejeitos. Ele cita os processo de filtragem e de empilhamento a seco, bem como seu aproveitamento como matéria-prima na construção civil. Emergência Após a tragédia em Brumadinho, ao mesmo tempo em que o legislativo acelerou a tramitação de projetos para proibir as barragens a montante, a ANM e outros órgãos de controle começaram uma ofensiva fiscalizatória para prevenir episódios similares. Com um pente-fino na situação das estruturas, diversas delas perderam suas declarações de estabilidade, o que exige a paralisação e o acionamento automático do nível 1 de emergência. Nos casos classificados como nível 2 ou 3, as mineradoras foram obrigadas a organizar a retirada de moradores em todo o perímetro que seria alagado em um eventual rompimento. Em todo o estado de Minas Gerais, quase mil pessoas precisaram deixar suas casas. O balanço divulgado pelo Ibram mostrou também o atual cenário de emergência. Há ainda três barragens classificadas no nível 3, todas em Minas Gerais. São duas da Vale nos municípios de Barão de Cocais e Ouro Preto e uma da Arcelor Mittal em Itatiaiuçu. Além disso, cinco estão em nível 2 e outras 59 encontram-se enquadradas no nível 1. Jungmann assegura que há um monitoramento dessas barragens durante 24 horas e que as mudanças na legislação trouxeram maior rigor e garantiram mais segurança. Ele destaca que, em Minas Gerais, além da fiscalização da ANM, o Ministério Público de Minas Gerais (MPMG) possui um grupo também dedicado a acompanhar a situação das estruturas. Afirmou também que as populações podem obter informações atualizadas sobre a situação de qualquer estrutura por meio do aplicativo Prox, criado pelo Ibram em parceria com a Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais (Cemig), estatal mineira do setor energético. Barragens totais Considerando todas as barragens de mineração, e não apenas aquelas construídas pelo método a montante, há no país 942 estruturas. Dessas, 469 se enquadram nos critérios necessários para a inclusão na Política Nacional de Segurança de Barragens (PNSB). Entre eles, está a capacidade de acúmulo de rejeitos acima de 3 milhões de metros cúbicos e a altura igual ou superior a 15 metros. Além disso, as estruturas devem ter médio ou alto dano potencial associado, o que significa que uma eventual tragédia geraria um impacto de proporções abrangentes. Além de monitoradas pela ANM, as barragens de mineração também são cadastradas no Sistema de Segurança de Barragens (Snib), da Agência Nacional de Água (ANA). Trata-se de uma lista mais ampla que agrega 26.679 estruturas. A maioria delas são reservatórios de água, como é o caso das barragens de usinas hidrelétricas. Dessa forma, as 942 estruturas minerárias representam 3,53% de todos os cadastros na ANA. ... Agencia Brasil 2 hr
UT/Texas Politics Project Poll: Trump, Cruz lead races as campaigns gear up Attribution+  —  (The Center Square) – Former president Donald Trump maintains a lead over President Joe Biden in both one-on-one and multicandidate trial ballots, according to the results of the latest June 2024 University of Texas/Texas Politics Project Poll. Trump maintains a 7-point lead over Biden, 46% to 39%, in a head-to-headmatch-up in Texas. He leads by 9 points, 43% to 34%, in a trial ballot including independent and third-party candidates, according to the poll. The results are similar to the university’s April poll, which had Trump leading 48% to 40% head-to-head and 45% to 36% in the multicandidate poll. The findings are consistent with a March The Center Square Voters’ Voice Poll, conducted in conjunction with Noble Predictive Insights, which found that 84% of Trump voters would vote for him in November even if he was convicted of a felony before the election. The poll was conducted before he was found guilty of 34 felony counts earlier this month. Multiple polls conducted after the verdict found that Trump still led Biden in the polls, The Center Square reported. The UT/TPP poll was conducted from May 31 to June 9 among 1,200 registered Texas voters. Data collection began the day after Trump’s guilty verdict. The poll found that more than half of Texas Republican voters said, “his conviction makes them more likely to vote for him in November. The convictions have had only a small impact on the overall shape of the Presidential race in Texas less than five months before Election Day,” an analysis of the data states. When asked whether Trump’s conviction makes voters more or less likely to support him, 62% of Republicans said, “more likely;” only 7% said “less likely.” Among Democrats, 51% said less likely, 13% more likely. Independents were evenly split; 27% said more likely; 28% said less likely. Jim Henson, executive director at the Texas Politics Project, said in an email analysis of the data, “If the conviction had any impact, it’s merely to reinforce partisans’ previously held views.” Voters were also split on whether or not they felt Trump’s trial was fair: 75% of Republicans said it wasn’t; 87% of Democrats said it was. Independents were more evenly split, with 44% saying it was and 34% saying it wasn’t. When it comes to a key statewide race in November, incumbent Republican Sen. Ted Cruz is leading his challenger, U.S. Rep. Colin Allred, a Democrat from Dallas. Despite some political pundits claiming Allred has a chance to unseat Cruz, he’s trailing in the polls and is struggling with name recognition. Cruz leads Allred 45% to 34%, according to the UT/TPP poll.Among those surveyed, 6% said they were choosing “someone else;” 14% said they were undecided. “Allred is still climbing a steep hill in his first statewide campaign,” Henson notes, with 41% expressing having no opinion … only a slight improvement from the preceding poll in April. These totals include 30% of Democrats.” Texas overall are evenly divided on their opinion of Cruz, with 44% holding a positive view and 44% an unfavorable one. The number jumps among Republicans, 77% of whom hold a positive view. When it comes tooverall job approval rating of state and federal office holders, only Gov. Greg Abbott has a favorable approval rating of 50%. When asked about five incumbents, voters expressed low favorability, even disapproving more than approving of some. Texans’ views on incumbents’ job performance also “dipped a little compared to recent polls,” the analysis of the data states. Gov. Abbott has the highest approval rating of 50% compared to a 39% disapproval rating. Significantly less, 39%, hold a favorable view of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s job performance, with 34% disapproving. Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan has an even lower approval rating of 24%, with 30% disapproving. More voters disapprove (38%) than approve (36%) of Attorney General Ken Paxton’s job performance. Among Texas’ two U.S. senators, more disapprove (38%) than approve (32%) of John Cornyn’s job performance. Sen. Ted Cruz has a higher approval rating of 46%, with 42% disapproving. Nationally, Texas voters overwhelmingly disapprove of the job performance of the president, Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court. Their disapproval ratings are 52%, 57% and 42%, respectively. Only 20% of Texas voters expressed a favorable view of Congress; 36% of the Supreme Court and 39% of the president. ... The Center Square 2 hr
‘King County, we have a problem’: Health Board divided on homeless call for action Attribution+  —  (The Center Square) – A call to action to address homelessness in King County does not have the full support of the King County Board of Health. The King County Board of Health was called upon to address homelessness concerns raised by community members who spoke during the public comment period at Board of Health meetings in 2023 and 2024. The board is tasked with addressing public health issues related to the forced removal of people living in encampments without an immediate safety need or without access to temporary or permanent shelter. The call to action resulting from a King County Board of Health workgroup recommends strategies including supporting the housing-first approach. “King County, we have a problem,” Vice Chair Quiana Daniels said at Thursday's board meeting. “We don’t want to see our fellow residents in King County suffering and improperly housed – and we are reminded of systemic failures within our county.” Daniels, who signed on to the call to action, is supporting the regional strategy that has been adopted by the King County Regional Homelessness Authority. The agency estimates a potential cost of $450 million to $1.1 billion per year over the next 10 years in order to increase housing as a solution to homelessness. “Adopting a housing-first approach is not merely a policy shift, it is a moral imperative,” Daniels continued. “Stable secure housing is a fundamental human right and by providing it, we lay down the foundation for improved health.” Daniels’s signature on the call to action was joined by King County Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda and LEAD Project Manager Christopher Archiopoli, among others. LEAD is the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion, an alternative to booking certain people into jail. However, not all Board of Health members agreed with the call to action, including Seattle City Councilmembers Bob Kettle and Sara Nelson, and Sammamish City Councilmember Amy Lam, due to the call to action’s listed recommendations. Nelson noted that homeless service providers told her that addiction is not a cause of homelessness, but is a result of being unhoused. She believes that drug addiction is more prominent in homeless communities because they are more vulnerable to drug dealing and that if the problem is not resolved, unhoused peoples’ lives will continue to be further disrupted. The call to action does recommend expanding substance use treatment as well as harm reduction services. The Center Square previously reported on a policy pledge created by the nonprofit organization Future 42 to counter the “housing-first” approach. The pledge has more than 50 signatures from local government representatives across Washington. King County’s 2024 Point-In-Time Count revealed 16,385 homeless people living throughout the region, a 22.6% increase from the last point-in-time count conducted by the county in 2022, which found 13,368 homeless people in King County. Out of the 16,385 tallied people, 60% of those were living unsheltered. ... The Center Square 2 hr
Уряд США заборонив продаж продуктів «Лабораторії Касперського» в Штатах через загрозу нацбезпеці Attribution+  — Компанія більше не зможе продавати своє програмне забезпечування у США або продовжувати підтримувати програми, які вже використовуються ... Радіо Свобода 3 hr
Hoover Assistant Principal Arrested for Child Pornography Was Accused of Sexually Harassing a Studen... Attribution+  —  Earlier this year, prosecutors accused Charles De Freitas of sexual misconduct with minors. It wasn’t the first time accusations of misconduct with students had come to the district's attention. The post Hoover Assistant Principal Arrested for Child Pornography Was Accused of Sexually Harassing a Student Years Earlier appeared first on Voice of San Diego. ... Voice of San Diego 3 hr
Brasileira bate recorde das Américas de halterofilismo paralímpico Attribution+  —  A brasileira Lara Lima estabeleceu o novo recorde das Américas da categoria até 41 quilos de halterofilismo paralímpico ao levantar 107 quilos, nesta quinta-feira (20), na Copa do Mundo da modalidade, que é disputada em Tbilisi (Geórgia). Lara Lima é bronze e estabelece recorde das Américas na abertura da Copa do Mundo de halterofilismo na Geórgia. ???? Saiba mais: https://t.co/Iwh5BM60Jf#LoteriasCaixa — Comitê Paralímpico Brasileiro (@BraParalimpico) June 20, 2024 Notícias relacionadas:Paris 2024: Brasil conhece adversários do torneio feminino de vôlei.Seleção de vôlei sentado é bronze em torneio preparatório para Paris.Mesatenista Carla Maia vai disputar Paralimpíada de Paris.Com este levantamento a mineira conquistou a medalha de bronze da competição, ficando atrás da chinesa Zhe Cui, ouro com 116 quilos, e da nigeriana Esther Nworgu, prata com 112 quilos. Segundo o Comitê Paralímpico Internacional (IPC, do inglês), o recorde das Américas da categoria anterior, de 103 quilos, pertencia à própria Lara e foi alcançado durante a disputa da última edição dos Jogos Parapan-Americanos, que foram disputados no ano de 2023 em Santiago (Chile). A Copa do Mundo é o último torneio internacional dos halterofilistas brasileiros antes da próxima edição dos Jogos Paralímpicos, que serão disputados em Paris (França) a partir do dia 28 de agosto. Esta também é a última oportunidade para que os atletas assegurem sua participação no megaevento por meio do ranking específico para a competição na capital francesa. ... Agencia Brasil 3 hr
Two-thirds of opioid trust fund unspent Attribution+  —  (The Center Square) — The Pennsylvania Opioid Trust made progress in greenlighting county projects, but the majority of funds sent out since 2021 have yet to be spent. “Having sent our money out in 2021, we still have only spent $70 million of the more than $200 million,” said Tom VanKirk, chair of the Pennsylvania Opioid Misuse and Addiction Abatement Trust during a Thursday meeting. “There is still a need to get the money spent as quickly as possible on proper uses.” Counties, which will receive 70% of the opioid trusts available from a number of national settlements, will be granted extensions beyond the spending deadline due to slow rollouts and growing pains in administering local programs. In May, the Trust approved a majority of the 400 projects proposed by counties, but a significant chunk needed more information or improvements before the trust would approve them. To qualify for opioid money, projects need to adhere to the approved uses laid out in Exhibit E; money can’t be spent in ways that are solely for policing or community needs, for example, but must have some sort of opioid-amelioration connection. For many projects that couldn’t demonstrate a connection, the Trust categorized them as “still under consideration” and rejected a minority of them outright. “In looking at this, we did not think it was fair to just say no, it is not compliant — or, on the other hand, without enough information, merely just say yes to it,” VanKirk said. “So we are going to send those back for further consideration.” Philadelphia’s projects had stood out for lacking detail in its request for $11 million and got more vetting this time around. “This was really the first time they had broken out the large block grants into mini-grants,” VanKirk said. “We do believe most of them will be approved, but we gotta treat Philadelphia like everybody else.” A number of the city’s projects, like outreach and prevention activities to connect people to addiction services, provide wound care, and get them off the street, received approval. The city proposed several community events as well, such as funds for youth sports leagues and educational programs, which did not receive approval. Board members wanted to see clearer connections to opioid-related activities, even if they supported the idea behind the programs. “Besides being a diversion into sports, will there be any educational component, any signs, any more of a connection to drug misuse?” said Robert Postal, a Mifflin County Commissioner. “Not simply well, we’re diverting people into better behavior. We have to respect the intent of Exhibit E.” Elsewhere, some rural counties remain in the planning phases as others get approval and spend the funds. Forest County, one of the lowest-populated counties in the state, is still in the process of creating an opioid commission to send out funds. ... The Center Square 3 hr
Haiti faces record displacement amid escalating gang violence Attribution+  — Escalating gang violence and political instability in Haiti have forced a record 578,074 people from their homes this year, making it the country with the largest number of displacements due to crime-related violence, UN independent human rights experts said on Thursday. ... UN News 3 hr
Após voto de Toffoli, STF continua sem decisão sobre porte de maconha Attribution+  —  O ministro Dias Toffoli, do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), votou nesta quinta-feira (20) para manter a constitucionalidade da Lei de Drogas, norma que definiu penas alternativas a usuários de drogas. Com o voto do ministro, o placar do julgamento continua sendo de cinco votos a favor e três contra a descriminalização.  O Supremo retomou hoje o julgamento da constitucionalidade do Artigo 28 da Lei das Drogas (Lei 11.343/2006). Para diferenciar usuários e traficantes, a norma prevê penas alternativas de prestação de serviços à comunidade, advertência sobre os efeitos das drogas e comparecimento obrigatório a curso educativo para quem adquirir, transportar ou portar drogas para consumo pessoal. Notícias relacionadas:Barroso diz que STF não está decidindo sobre legalização da maconha .Marcha da Maconha de SP protesta contra prisões e violência policial.Em seu voto, único proferido na sessão de hoje, Toffoli abriu uma nova corrente sobre a questão. O ministro  fez um histórico sobre os perigos do uso de entorpecentes para saúde e discordou da política de combate às drogas no Brasil, que, segundo ele, trata o usuário como criminoso. Contudo, Toffoli sugeriu ao Congresso e o Executivo federal prazo de 18 meses para fixação de critérios objetivos para diferenciar usuários e traficantes.  "Estou convicto de que tratar o usuário como um tóxico delinquente não é a melhor política pública de um estado social democrático de direito", afirmou Após o voto do ministro, o julgamento foi suspenso e será retomado na terça-feira (25). Os próximos votos serão proferidos pelos ministros Luiz Fux e Cármen Lúcia.  Os demais votos foram proferidos ao longo do julgamento, que começou em 2015.  Como fica  Pela manifestação dos ministros que já votaram, o porte de maconha continua como comportamento ilícito, mas as punições definidas contra os usuários passam a ter natureza administrativa, e não criminal. Dessa forma, deixam de valer a possibilidade de registro de reincidência penal e de cumprimento de prestação de serviços comunitários.  A Corte também vai definir a quantidade de maconha que deve caracterizar uso pessoal, e não tráfico de drogas. Pelos votos já proferidos, a medida deve ficar entre 25 e 60 gramas ou seis plantas fêmeas de cannabis. Não é legalização Durante a sessão, o presidente do Supremo, ministro Luís Roberto Barroso, disse que a Corte não está legalizando a maconha. O ministro esclareceu que a Corte mantém o porte como comportamento ilícito, conforme definido pela Lei de Drogas.  "Que fique esclarecido a toda a população que o consumo de maconha continua a ser considerado ilícito porque esta é a vontade do legislador", afirmou. Votos  O julgamento começou em 2015, quando o relator, ministro Gilmar Mendes, votou pela descriminalização do porte de qualquer tipo de droga. No entanto, após os votos que foram proferidos pelos demais ministros, Mendes restringiu a liberação somente para a maconha, com fixação de medidas para diferencial consumo próprio e tráfico de drogas. No mesmo ano, votou pela descriminalização somente do porte de maconha, deixando para o Congresso a fixação dos parâmetros. Em seguida, Luís Roberto Barroso entendeu que a posse de 25 gramas não caracteriza tráfico ou o cultivo de seis plantas fêmeas de cannabis. Após pedidos de vista que suspenderam o julgamento, em agosto do ano passado, o ministro Alexandre de Moraes propôs a quantia de 60 gramas ou seis plantas fêmeas. A descriminalização também foi aceita pelo voto para ministra Rosa Weber, que está aposentada. Em março deste ano, os ministros Cristiano Zanin, André Mendonça e Nunes Marques defenderam a fixação de uma quantidade para diferenciar usuários e traficantes, mas mantiveram a conduta criminalizada, conforme a Lei de Drogas. No caso concreto que motivou o julgamento, a defesa de um condenado pede que o porte de maconha para uso próprio deixe de ser considerado crime. O acusado foi detido com três gramas de maconha. Nesse caso, a condenação foi mantida porque os ministros entenderam que o acusado estava em uma circunstância que caracterizava tráfico. ... Agencia Brasil 3 hr
Spokane could save $1 million on vehicle training course if it breaks ground by July Attribution+  —  (The Center Square) – Spokane County spent years planning for an emergency vehicle course that it still needs to build, but if plans are nailed down soon, it could save $1 million compared to initial projections. The latest round of proposals to design and build the Emergency Vehicle Operator Course, or EVOC, reached the Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday. Kevin Richey, an undersheriff with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, asked for approval to proceed with the lowest bid. Initial projections put the project’s cost at around $3.4 million. However, a more recent bid came in at $2.56 million, almost 25% less than the county’s anticipated cost. Still, if the Board of County Commissioners fails to award the bid by next week, the price could go up with its completion pushed past September. “If it’s awarded next week, construction would begin almost immediately,” Richey said. “The bid has a deadline for them to complete the EVOC track by Sept. 15.” The EVOC will feature a quarter-mile-long straightaway with a curved return lane, lighting, and a carport. He said the intention is to train officers while operating under pressure, including high-speed pursuit scenarios, “skid car training,” a pursuit immobilization technique, or PIT maneuver, among other topics. The Sheriff’s Office wants to prop up the course at its new $41 million Regional Training Center and Small Arms Range. Richey said the County has about $1.8 million remaining from the RTC, so the Board of County Commissioners only needs to approve an additional $1.2 million to finish its final phase, leaving some cushion in the event of added costs. Completing the EVOC would wrap up construction at the RTC and years of planning that went into making it possible for Spokane County. Richey said the Sheriff’s Office anticipates generating about $50,000 annually in rental revenue from the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission and other agencies that use the track. That money could then make up for the funding that the Board of County Commissioners is expected to approve. Meanwhile, the $1.2 million would probably come from county reserves. Previously, the Legislature stripped law enforcement of the ability to engage in vehicular pursuits except under strict criteria; however, it handed back that authority two weeks ago after a voter initiative overturned the 2021 law. “We’ve hired approximately 100 [officers] in the last couple years,” Richey said. “... We’ve got a lot of guys who’ve never been in a pursuit in their entire life.” He said it’s crucial that the Sheriff’s Office train and prepare those officers for the new reality facing them. Around half of the department lacks this experience, which can lead to a lot of liability if something were to go wrong due to a lack of training. Additionally, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is scheduled to host a national training conference toward the end of September with the Association of Law Enforcement Emergency Response Trainers, or ALERT. The event will attract trainers nationwide to the new EVOC track. The Commissioners, which expressed support during the meeting on Tuesday, are expected to vote on whether to award the bid and corresponding funding on June 25. ... The Center Square 3 hr
Сутичка в Дніпрі: у Kraken підтвердили, що постраждалий служив у підрозділі Attribution+  — Kraken додає, що не втручається у хід слідства, але «уважно стежить» за його перебігом ... Радіо Свобода 3 hr
Bomb Attached To Tree Detonates Remotely, Killing 2 In Suspected Organized Crime Hit In Montenegro Attribution+  — Two people were killed and three injured on June 20 in the town of Cetinje in Montenegro when an explosive device attached high in a tree was remotely detonated, police said on June 20. ... Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty 3 hr
Vucic, Kurti To Meet On June 26 In EU-Mediated Talks On Normalizing Relations Attribution+  — Kosovar Prime Minister Albin Kurti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic will meet in Brussels on June 26 to conduct a new round of the EU-mediated dialogue on normalization of relations. ... Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty 3 hr
Россия "впервые сбросила" на Украину бомбу ФАБ-3000 — источники Attribution+   Радио Свобода 3 hr
Kenya: journée de mobilisation historique contre la loi finances Attribution+  —  Au Kenya, ce jeudi 20 juin était une journée de mobilisation historique pour le mouvement « Occupy Parliament » contre la loi de finances 2024. Des dizaines de milliers de manifestants ont défilé dans les rues des principales villes du pays pour protester contre de nouvelles taxes, notamment sur des produits de base.  ... Radio France Internationale 3 hr
Aeroporto de Caxias do Sul reabre após assalto a carro forte Attribution+  —  O Aeroporto Regional Hugo Cantergiani, em Caxias do Sul (RS), reabriu ao meio-dia desta quinta-feira (20), após ser alvo de criminosos, por volta das 19h30 do quarta-feira (19). Pela manhã, com as operações suspensas no terminal, a Polícia Federal (PF) fez uma perícia no local e continua as buscas pelos envolvidos na ação criminosa. De acordo com a Brigada Militar (BM), na ação, os criminosos usaram uma falsa viatura da PF e assaltaram um carro forte no local, que transportava R$ 30 milhões. Notícias relacionadas:Alagamento em pista do aeroporto de Canoas não atrapalha voos.Terminal de cargas do aeroporto de Porto Alegre volta a operar.Durante a ação criminosa, houve confronto armado entre policiais e assaltantes. Um dos criminosos e o segundo sargento da Brigada Militar do Rio Grande do Sul Fabiano Oliveira morreram no tiroteio. O PM foi atingido por um tiro no tórax. Ele tinha 47 anos e deixa esposa e um filho. Fabiano Oliveira entrou na Brigada Militar em dezembro de 1997 e atuava na Força Tática do 12° Batalhão de Polícia Militar (BPM), em Caxias do Sul. Notas de pesar Em nota de pesar, divulgada nas redes sociais da corporação, a Brigada Militar se solidariza aos familiares e amigos do profissional. O prefeito de Caxias do Sul, Adiló Didomenico, também, se manifestou via redes sociais. “O sargento Oliveira dedicou mais de duas décadas à segurança pública na Brigada Militar, tendo levado até o fim seu juramento de colocar a própria vida em risco para proteger o próximo. Quando um policial tomba, toda sociedade perde. Meus pêsames à família, colegas e amigos neste momento de profunda dor." ... Agencia Brasil 3 hr
Reynolds issues disaster declaration after avian flu found in another county Attribution+  —  (The Center Square) - Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds issued a disaster declaration on Thursday after a case of avian flu was found in a flock of turkeys in Sac County. It's the second case reported this week and the third Iowa case reported in poultry. The flu was found in a dairy herd in Sioux County, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship said Wednesday. The latest is the eighth dairy herd in Iowa to be affected, according to the department. Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig asked the United States Department of Agriculture for more assistance after a second case of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza was found in a dairy cattle herd earlier this month. The outbreaks are not a concern for the food supply, but consumers are advised to properly cook eggs and chicken. "There is no concern about the safety of pasteurized milk or dairy products," the agriculture department said in a news release. "Pasteurization has continually proven to successfully inactivate bacteria and viruses, like influenza, in milk." Eleven other states have reported avian flu cases in domestic livestock, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. The cases stretch across the country from Idaho to North Carolina, according to the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. The disaster declaration allows agencies to help with tracking, monitoring, rapid detection, disposal and disinfection, according to Reynolds. ... The Center Square 3 hr
Texas to begin construction this year on seven new psychiatric hospital projects Attribution+  — The construction begins after lawmakers have allocated $2.5 billion to modernize and increase access to inpatient psychiatric care in Texas. ... The Texas Tribune 4 hr
WHO announces global resurgence of cholera cases in 2024 Attribution+  — The UN World Health Organization (WHO) has announced a spike in cholera in several regions of the world, with almost 195,000 cases and over 1,900 deaths reported in 24 countries since the start of this year.  ... UN News 4 hr